What is a Mineral Pool?

Upgrade your pool to a Mineral Pool with a mineral system. Minerals are a natural algaecide, clarifier and anti-microbial, so you can reduce the chlorine level in saltwater pools, chlorine pools and hot tubs. Minerals are added to the water using a precise controller so you can keep the levels just right for all pools, hot tubs and conditions.

Mineral Pools & Spas

You can add a mineral system to your pool or hot tub to reduce chemicals and purify naturally.

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For Pools

Discover the unmatched clarity and softness of mineral water in your pool. Minerals are compatible with saltwater pools and are safe for all pool equipment and surfaces, including gunite inground pools and steel aboveground pools.

For Hot Tubs

Never feel dry and itchy from a hot tub again. Minerals allow you to reduce chlorine and are pH neutral. The water never felt so good with so little maintenance. Minerals are compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone, enzymes and salts.

ClearBlue Mineral Cell, Pink Plug, Standard Life

ClearBlue Replacement Cells

Get your replacement cells here for all mineral systems made by Argenia or ClearBlue Ionizer since 2005 – including the Standard and Long Life cells that aren’t available anywhere else but here and your local retailer. Shipping and returns are free.

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Mineral Lion Replacement Cells

We are the leading online retailer of replacement cells for the Mineral Lion system. Choose from the Starter for the lowest cost to the Long Life for the best value. We have the lowest prices online. Shipping and returns are free.

What customers are saying

Clean and Healthy

Most pool and hot tub owners maintain the chlorine level at 3-5 parts per million (PPM) with or without a salt system. Studies show that chlorine at this level can lead to respiratory illnesses like asthma.

With a mineral pool, you can keep the chlorine at 1ppm in all conditions. At this level, you and your family have the same risk of developing asthma as you would swimming in a lake.

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90-Day Guarantee

All of the mineral systems sold on thinkminerals.com are backed by a 90-day gaurantee. If you are not satisfied, simply ship the controller and cell back to us within 90 days and we’ll refund your money.

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